Healing Waters

by Michael On Fire.com

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In the opening track of the new album, Healing Waters, Michael On Fire sings,“Yesterday is here tomorrow;” that line epitomizes the paradoxical character of the record. Taken as a whole, this 16-song collection belies comparison to other works and other artists, yet (paradoxically) each of the individual song sare reminiscent of other seminal artists who’ve influenced this music. It is a great melting pot of styles (Country Rock, blues, folk, jazz, swing, Americana,bluegrass, classic and old time rock and roll); yet, it is precisely that breadth and that range that keeps it from fitting comfortably into any one of the genres.

On Healing Waters, Michael is accompanied by the band that has performed with him since 2012, including Bill Flores on pedal steel, accordion, dobro and mandolin; Bear Erickson on electric guitar, baritone guitar and bass guitar; Tyson Leonard on violin and Tompeet Fredriksen on drums and percussion. Included also are two duets with “the Carter Girl,” Carlene Carter. Despite such masterful accompaniment and collaboration, we also (paradoxically) get some of the most simple, honest, stripped down recordings to be found in MOF’s extensive discography, which includes 18 albums, more than 200 songs.

Like anyone who does music for a living (full-time since the 1970s), Michael wants people to listen to and like his music, and yet (another paradox) he makes no effort to be accepted, or to conform or adhere to ... anything! ... rules, conventions, formulas or commercial considerations. He is a fiercely independent artist and while he loves people intensely, he could care less what people think or say.

“Every day is a challenge to maintain our humanity and our dreams,” said Michael. “My job is to somehow gift the world with the courage it takes to follow one’s own heart and path; to play that magic chord in a way that I’ve never played it before, and somehow be of service to myself, my children, my family, my friends, my generation, and the people who truly need something beyond the obvious nonsense that we are all faced with on a daily basis.”As always with Michael on Fire, the lyrics are a profound component; the songs feature potent social and environmental commentary, spiritual ruminations and personal reflections, fused throughout with a ray of hope, which shines clearly in the final track:

Somewhere on the Hudson River, I was heading south, staring out the window in a dream, Traveling into New York City, following my fortune, floating like a leaf upon a stream,Somewhere in the distance, I heard the voices singing, like an angel choir in the night, And I wonder where my life is going, wonder where my life is going, Something tells me things will be alright.

“With Healing Waters Michael has given us another beautifully crafted, passionate group of songs to nourish the soundtrack of our lives.” - Thomas Cox, Art Escape (Los Angeles, CA)

“Always socially conscious, MoF tells it like it is (that’s his job.) MoF tells his tales as country, bluesy and spiritual rock songs with his perfectly gruff, been-there-done-that vocals. As a guy who has more albums than most musicians have songs in their set list, this one maybe MoF’s best one yet.” - Bill Locey, Ventura County Star

“Folk Music has come back with some deep soul searching songs and right at the forefront is Michael On Fire with a new album titled,Healing Waters, for indeed, music is what begins the healing process.”- Stewart Brennan, World United Music, Montreal, Canada

“I do this to feel and to heal.” - Michael On Fire


1. 11th Hour - Classic-sounding Americana rock; piano, electric guitar, lap steel, accordion, mandolin, bass and drums. Stories from the old neighborhood; every name is a real person.

2. 100 Years from Now – Social and environmental commentary; thumping, rocking

3. The Wind Still Blows – acoustic blues with great lyrics and doo-wop straight out of the early days of rock and roll. great dobro too

4. Get Out of the Way - a universal mantra for all of us - with great lyrics and Americana sound. Accordion and violin featured.

5. The Lost Sea – Americana Rock / Country Rock; The Lost Sea is in eastern Tennessee. This is a tale of an ancient Native American power / healing spot.

6. Be Gentle With This Body – Gentle beauty; acoustic, featuring dobro and pedal steel

7. Done This Dance Before - a duet with Carlene Carter and Michael On Fire. Michael’s acoustic homage to Danny Kirwan and Peter Green (a la early Fleetwood Mac)

8. Man of Free Will – Sassy solo acoustic blues with background vocals

9. Garden of Paradise - This one whoops it up! High-spirited Southern / Rock / Jig / Bluegrass / Mountain musicwith visionary lyrics

10. Whatever Happened to America – Classic / Americana / Country Rock featuring guitar, accordion,mandolin, violin.

11. I Don’t Love You Anymore – duet with Carlene Carter; Country Rock ballad

12. Healing Waters – Americana story song – Another Native American healing / power spot. / Gentle Country Rock (like Mark Knopfler), beautiful guitar and lyrics

13. Checking Out With You – Some sort of New Orleans, Big Band, Western Swing, honky tonk, what-the-hell raucous rocker. fast tempo, high energy. “

14. I Didn’t Sell My Soul – solo acoustic with haunting pedal steel and poignant poetry

15. Please Don’t Leave – beautiful acoustic love song, Americana / Country with pedal steel

16. Things Will Be Alright – Americana / Country / Folk road song, storytelling lyricsHistorical

Bio - Born and raised in Detroit, Michael was studying Music Theory and Composition at Wayne State University and performing original music (in the first wave of Country Rock) when he came to the attention of renowned Hall of Fame Producer Don Davis, who brought him in to work Soul and R&B sessions at Detroit’s United Sound, and then took him to record his tunes with the legendary Swampers rhythm section at Muscle Shoals Sound in Muscle Shoals, Ala.. After touring college campuses across the nation, Michael then turned in the direction of progressive jazz. He formed the group Prismatic, which performed throughout the Midwest and East Coast, 363 days a year for four years. The group put out a couple of studio albums and live concert recordings, but – like so many before them and since – fell prey to unscrupulous business dealings.Michael relocated to Los Angeles, where he attracted many of the town’s top players, and resumed performing nightly (under the name MOF), all original music, in a more rootsy Blues-Rock / Country Rock style. His first album was produced by Stephen Stills and Joe Vitale, andafter the follow-up effort (Commanche Moon) made several critics’ Top 10 list, he began a period of relentless touring through every nook and cranny of the country; hundreds of dates a year for years on end. He is a lifelong musician, who continues to write, record, perform and tour.“Michael and I embarked on a voyage, a quest, a crusade in search of love and reason. All roads lead to others and each of us has the right to follow a path of choice. No matter which direction you choose, all roads can lead to your dreams, but if you don’t go you won’t get there. I tip my hat to Michael for being one of the few who traveled one road, drove straight ahead without making a rest stop.”- Jango Edwards, renowned Clown Nouveau and Founder of the International Festival of Fools


released September 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Michael On Fire.com

Michael on Fire, singer, songwriter, musician, and storyteller, is lauded by his fans and fellow musicians alike for his powerful lyrics and profoundly emotional performances.
For the past four decades he has toured relentlessly, constantly creating, performing and recording original music with an unswerving singularity of purpose, telling his truths in song and story.
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Track Name: Michael On Fire - 11th Hour
11th Hour

Crazy Sam, Wild Bill Hurricane
Buffalo Dakota, Baltimore Jane
Big Joe Gaucho, Lucky Louie Fingers
Cherry Nose, Lips, and street-corner singers

Lazy Bill Jr., Crafty, Me and You,
Giant Alouicious, Maniac and Fool,
Isabel fashion going through a sex change,
Evil eye Jezebel, shadow on a red range

Yesterday is here tomorrow,
hold on to your life
in the 11th Hour
of the 97th Night

Cocaine Mickey, Leo Valdez Kelly,
Benny the Fence, Cabawon, Spoonjelly,
Little Joe Cherokee, Frenchy, Shorty Hook,
Swalindini, Irish Jimmy, Theodore the Crook,


Wishart, Spoolie, Peneluna, Juan Don,
Bangu, Dr. Hatch, Unibuni, Big John,
Kayo, Hammer, Goodie, Frank the Blade,
Playing ringolevio, and I'm the Ace of Spades

Guino, Bullet, Zandu, Jango
Marilyn the Bitch, and Little Tony Tango,
Crazy Legs, Guts, Wild Rod the Zipper
Blind Potato Pete the storytelling skipper

Track Name: Michael On Fire - 100 Years From Now
100 Years From Now

100 Years from now
they're gonna look back and say
How did they ever survive?
How did they ever survive?

Look what they've done to the ocean,
look what they've done to the bay,
look what they've done to the planet
how could they cause such decay?

look what they've done to the farmers,
look what they've done to the trees,
look what they've done to the food
how could they kill all the bees?


could this possibly be?
I think they all will agree
this was the dumbest generation in history




look what they've done to the elephants
look what they've done to the schools,
look what they've done to the politics,
a generation of fools

chorus - out
Track Name: Michael On Fire - The Wind Still Blows
The Wind Still Blows

Stay alive, wear yourself down,
standing at the altar in a wedding gown
Your best friend's hanging from the branch of a tree
I'm glad it ain't you and I'm glad it ain't
Smoke from lands from far away
burned my nostrils yesterday
blood from comrades long since dead
seemed to fill my aching head
That's the way it goes,
and the wind still blows

Join the circus or the rodeo
Get famous and make some dough
the place is too small and we're running out of room
here comes the baby, there goes the boom
Good time Charlie, Happy Jack
all she wants is her lover back
Feed him meat and teach him to growl,
When the moon gets full you can hear him howl
That's the way it goes
and the wind still blows

Crossing t's and dotting i's
when the Spirit speaks you don't ask why
he lost his fast ball, he's hanging up his guns
he just went blind from staring at the sun,
some men follow, some men lead,
all men die and all men bleed,
when you talk you use the word "we,"
but the plain cold truth is hard to see
That's the way it goes,
and the wind still blows
Track Name: Michael On Fire - Get Out of the Way
Get Out of the Way

Did everything right – always yes
Denied the pleasure of my own success
Jealous of the ocean
Envying the birds
Borrowing a laugh
Careful of my words

That voice inside tells me every day
Get out – get out – get out of the way

I visualized it
Jumping to my fate
Never meant to struggle
Never meant to wait
To me it seems simple
I may be wrong
The last to leave has stayed too long


The water is murky
The skies are grey
Let the sharks have the water today

When destiny
Steps into the game
Decision doesn’t matter
The outcome is the same
How some people do it
I haven’t a clue
When playing stupid
Is the smarest thing to do

Track Name: Michael On Fire - The Lost Sea
The Lost Sea

In the Cherokee caves,
at the Lost Sea,
Deep in the hills
of eastern Tennessee

You'd know what I mean,
If you've seen what I seen,
If you've been where I've been,
If you lived in my skin

There ain't no colors,
If there ain't no light,
Underground fish,
a wondrous sight


The fire still burns,
after 10,000 years,
you can still smell the smoke,
of the tribes that were here.


The poor rebel soldiers,
lay down and bleed,
The runaway slaves
fight to be free,
and the Yankee boys
don't know what they hear
The echoes of hell,
The demons of fear

© 2014 Michael On Fire
Track Name: Michael On Fire - Be Gentle With This Body
Be Gentle With This Body

Be Gentle with this body,
Sometimes I need to heal
I've run the race, I gave it all
Be gentle with this body

be gentle with this body,
i took it to the limit and beyond,
i've fought the fight,
I've won, I've lost
be Gentle with this body

the secret stretch,
the Golden Breath,
the healthy heart,
the cool, cool water (twice)

Be gentle with this body
heal me with awareness
dance the dance i dance
Be gentle with this body

free from stress
to know, not guess
immortal love
immortal yearnings

be gentle with this body
Track Name: Michael On Fire with Carlene Carter - Done This Dance Before
Done This Dance Before
Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down, and you’re all alone,
and you need a friend?
Whatcha gonna do when your lover goes away?
And whatcha gonna do with your angel eyes,and your healing touch,
and your lilac breath?
Whatcha gonna do with your thoughts of paradise?

Don’t bend my virtue
Don’t whisper in my ear,
Don’t take me down with you
I’ve done this dance before

Whatcha gonna do when the lights go out, and the fire burns
and the cold winds blow?
Whatcha gonna do when you need someone to hold?
And whatcha gonna do if you work too hard, and you need more dough, and you’re burning out?
Whatcha gonna do if you ain’t got time to play?

Whatcha gonna do with your purple pride, and your deep concerns,
and your high ideals?
Whatcha gonna do with your ever-changing mood?
I remember when your hair was long, and your mind was strong,
and your heart was clear,
And I remember when you actually used to laugh.
Track Name: Michael On Fire - Man of Free Will
Man of Free Will
Its a desperate world with a desperate point of view
You’re in control or you’re hangin with the fools
You can’t control their minds and you surely can’t control their tongues
Someone lights a smoke and it feels just like he lit my lungs

I’m a man of free will. Free will, free will, free will

Barefoot, beachin someone tries to hold your net
You cant make love cuz you dont know what you’ll get
Someone wants your money, a cover charge for paradise
One persons truth is another persons pack of lies

I’m a man of free will. Free will, free will, free will

Pontiac, Mustang. Cadillac and Chevrolet
I’ve got to drive a car thats built here in the USA
Do you remember the dream?
Do you remember when you use to dream?
Track Name: Michael On Fire - Garden of Paradise
Garden of Paradise

I get instructions from the future,
I've known it all my life,
there is no mystery to the message,
It's highly ethical and highly moral

I rely on my high-tech friends
to keep me connected to the world,
and they rely upon me
to simply keep them connected

There is no place that memories can't follow
there is no place that memories can't hide
i'm living in the Garden,
The Garden of Paradise

It's a superficial spectacle
Shame on the gods who take all the credit
Whatever happened to greatness,
Not quick success


And the truly crazy ones
believe they know what everyone else is thinking,
and the first rule of faith
is that you have to believe

Track Name: Michael On Fire - Whatever Happened to America
Whatever Happened America
Whatever happened to the big front porch
Whatever happened to the corner store
Whatever happened to the acorn tree
Whatever happened to the neighborhood
Whatever happened to the tower. Whatever happened to the drive-in
Whatever happened to the PTA. Whatever happened to Saturday
Whatever happened To America
Whatever happened, America

Whatever happened to the radio. Whatever happened to the farmers
Whatever happened to the family meal.
Whatever happened to cowboys
Whatever happened to the air we breathe
Whatever happened to the river
Whatever happened to the old cafe
Whatever happened to the church bells
Whatever happened to America
Whatever happened America

Whatever happened to the five and dime
Whatever happened to the playground
Whatever happened to the unlocked door
Whatever happened to Halloween
Whatever happened to the heros. Whatever happened to the teacher
Whatever happened to the politics. And my God whatever happened to the preacher
Whatever happened America
Whatever happened America
Track Name: I Don't Love You Anymore
I may have let you down
I didn’t want to
I didn’t take you for a ride
I gave my soul to you
You didn’t want it
You said I left you, but
I tried to love you
But I don’t love you anymore

I one time had a dream
You tried to wake me
I kept believing what you said
You tried to touch my soul
You weren’t that simple
I made mistakes, but still
I tried to love you
But I don’t love you anymore

Did you think that I would fade away
Did you think that you’d never have to pay
Cause when you do those things you do
These things will come right back on you
When I was dying
You sent me get well cards
And I remember when love died
You thought I didn’t care
That’s not the story
I had to leave you cause I’ll always love you
But I don’t love you anymore
I’ll always love you
But I don’t love you anymore
Track Name: Healing Waters
Healing Waters

In the days of the human beings
In the battle of the thunder moon,
when the sky was dark with war,
and the air was on fire

the dancers shook the earth,
the ancestors dwelled in the arrows and the spears,
the brave ones fought the souls
of those who died

The Healing Waters of the Great Spirit
Heal the pain,
Peace and honor
The Healing Waters

The fighting stopped when the blizzards came
the rivers froze and the wind was cold,
the Ute and the Arapaho,
in the mountains long ago


and at dawn when the night time spirits rise,
floating to the sun
the shadows of the leaves
look like ghosts climbing trees

Track Name: Michael On Fire - Checking Out With You
Checking Out With You
Got some time, got some money. Got theose weekend blues
Cadillac fully of juice. Shine those two-toned shoes

Checking out with you
Checking out with you

Senorita dance flamenco sipping on the wine
Dancing with one hundred people. Dancing in a line

Checking out with you
Checking out with you

See my breath, feel my heat, in the frozen fog
Alley cat raise her tail for her junkvyard dog

Checking out with you
Checking out with you

Got some time, got some money. Got those weekend blues
Cadillac full of juice. Shine those two-toned shoes
Track Name: Michael On Fire - I Didn't Sell My Soul
I Didn’t Sell My Soul

From my poetic mystic perch
So high above the Earth
Born into a precious moment
Sun exploded at my birth

Witch came by and said some prayers
Took away the evil eye
Oil in the water
What about the prayer that God don’t answer
What about the kids that Santa Clause forgot
It’s up to me
It’s up to you

On the right side of wrong
On the soft side of strong
Every day I hang up my guns
I will fight no more

I didn’t trade my brother
For fortune and fame
Didn’t sell my soul
Didn’t trade my dream
Track Name: Michael On Fire - Please Don't Leave
Please Don’t Leave
Please don’t leave before midnight
Please don’t leave before morning
Please don’t leave me before next year
Please don’t leave me forever

Close your eyes and hold on tight
I’m gonna take you through the universe tonight
Spread your wings and come with me
Deep blue star shine, rainbow tree


Feel your heartbeat, feel your skin
Cause you love me, you know where I’ve been
Live forever, never die
Cause you love me, you know why
Track Name: Michael On Fire - Things Will Be Alright
Things Will Be Alright
Somewhere out in western Kansas, or eastern Colorado
Snow was falling, I couldn’t see the signs
The tumbleweed like locusts rolling down the highway
I’ve never seen such a sight
Somewhere in the distance, I heard a whistle blowing
A song to break the silence of the night
And I wonder where that train is going
Wonder where that train is going
That whistle seems to say that it’s alright

Somewhere down in Alabama, headed to the Gulf
The alligator heat warmed up my mind
Those strong tornado winds blowing like a demon
I swear I felt the chill go up my spine
Somewhere in the distance, I heard that river flowing
A song of love, filling me with light
And I wonder where that river’s flowing
Wonder where that river’s flowing
But that river seems to know that it’s alright

Somewhere on the Hudson River, I was heading south
Staring out the window in a dream
Traveling into New York City, following my fortune
Floating like a leaf upon a stream
Somewhere in the distance, I heard those voices singing
Like an angel choir in the night
And I wonder where my life is going
Wonder where my life is going
Something tells me things will be alright