The Solstice Session

by Michael On

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    Recorded live in the studio on The Summer Solstice at Erickson Sound Labs in the Santa Ynez Valley. For more info on this album please see "About this Album" below

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THE SOLSTICE SESSION: On the day and the night of the Summer Solstice (2016), our “group” gathered in the Santa Ynez Valley, at Bear Erickson’s studio, to record what we hoped would become a new Michael On Fire album.
By this time, Michael had been performing with these musicians for more than four years, a couple times a year for a couple weeks at a time, at shows in California (Tompeet and Jack also joined him on extended tours across America.) Over the course of that time, Michael had gained a reputation as a highly improvisational artist, and his “California band,” as he affectionately called them, had shown repeatedly that they could go through any door of his choosing, and open new ones as well.
Our only real “plan” for the album was – elevated lyrical content. Despite our stated desire to emphasize the lyrics, the first song Michael pulled out was an instrumental piece he composed two days earlier. It was the first song they recorded and the first track on this album. Its’ calm thematic beauty set the tone for what would follow the rest of the night and through the next day. The predominant aim that took over the session, which was embraced by all, was simply – to be true, now; and fully present in the present. The result is a record that is alive and creative.
Some people ask – what’s even the point anymore of making “an album” when today’s technology allows you to put out songs whenever you want? The albums give context to the ongoing relationship between the artist and the audience. They help us “locate” the songs and recognize the musicians. We know “Queen Jane Approximately” from Highway 61, “A Day in the Life” from the Sgt. Pepper, and “When Will I Ever Learn” from Avalon Sunset. We know Al Kooper from “Like a Rolling Stone,” Billy Preston from “Get Back,” and Ladysmith Black Mambazo from Graceland. We know these songs and these musicians from those albums.
This is the sixth Michael On Fire album in seven years, and his 20th overall. It was recorded with the same musicians in the same studio and the same approach as his last album (Healing Waters) and yet it sounds and feels very different. It is the latest and the next step in the musical journey of an artist of uncommon creativity, vision and commitment.


released April 5, 2017

The Solstice Session
© 2017 Real Eyes Productions (REP056)

All songs written by Michael Colone aka Michael On Fire
© 2016 Michael Colone
Published 2017 Prisma Galacti Music (BMI)

Recorded and Mixed, June 2016, at Erickson Sound Labs in Buellton, California by Bear Erickson
Produced by Michael On Fire and Bear Erickson
Mastered by Channel Fuse Music, Memphis, Tennessee

The Players: Michael On Fire (guitar and lead vocal), Bill Flores (lap and pedal steel, accordion, baritone saxophone), Jack Joshua (bass), Tompeet Frederiksen (drums), Bear Erickson (lead guitar, background vocal), Jim Pugh (Hammond B3 organ and piano)

Original cover art and liner notes by Ron Colone
Cover Graphics by Cavalier Design
Photos by Ron Colone, Jeremy Ball, John Fitzpatrick, Beth Robinson, Greg Sadler

Thanks to the Artist Advocacy Foundation ( Ron Colone, Carole Ann Colone, John Poitras, David Katz

Real Eyes Productions, PO Box 1672, Santa Ynez, CA 93460, USA (805)688-0383 · ·



all rights reserved


Michael On

Michael on Fire, singer, songwriter, musician, and storyteller, is lauded by his fans and fellow musicians alike for his powerful lyrics and profoundly emotional performances.
For the past four decades he has toured relentlessly, constantly creating, performing and recording original music with an unswerving singularity of purpose, telling his truths in song and story.
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Track Name: Michael On Fire - Peaceful Place
How far have you come,
How long can you stay,
Did you judge your brother,
Did you judge your sister,
Did you judge yourself along the way?

How high have you flown,
How deep have you cried,
Did you tell the truth,
Did you tell a lie,
Did you ask yourself why?

Don't really care where you've been,
There’s a great big sign says – come on in,
To this Peaceful Place

How big can you get,
How small can you be,
Can you change your mind,
Can you set yourself free,
Can you close your eyes and really see?

How clean is your head,
How pure is your Heart,
Can you look at life and experience Art,
Can you get to Heaven without a chart?

Track Name: River Blue (instrumental)
Track Name: No One to Kill
From out of the darkness
Behind my head
I feel something happening
Underneath my bed
The eyes in my face
look from side to side
Why tell me the truth
If there's something to hide

Scream through the galaxy
You need some relief
I'm not one of those
Who pays for belief
The colors are dripping
Off of your face
A choir as big
as the whole human race

Fires burning up in the hills,
All is forgiven, it’s time to heal
All is forgiven, Time to heal

We rang all the bells all over the Earth
We did what we could for whatever that's worth

We burned all the uniforms
Fire for heat
Ain't no other side
Ain't no one to beat
We took all the churches
and gave people homes
We took all the laws
and turned them to poems

Chorus … All is Forgiven
Track Name: It Took a Lifetime
It Took a Lifetime

The scrappers picked the schools clean,
stole the seats and stole the windows,
This city is like a war zone,
You just don't go down there all alone

Came to town, got a room by the airport,
went looking for a beer store
A guy was shot,
stuck a lit cigar into the bullet hole

Ain't no doctor lives inside my body
Ain't no preacher lives inside my soul
It took a lifetime to know the things I know
It took a lifetime

The crooks and the cops are sitting side by side
someone is getting paid to look the other way
a lot of sad people at the happy hour
I didn't eat but I could smell the food


Every day I look to the west
to see what happened yesterday
every morning I look to the east
and breathe the morning sun

Track Name: Goddess of Love
All through the night, one magical night,
I had the dream of my life
Could this be real, this glorious sight,
I kissed an angel goodnight

Oh my body feels so good
I could fly, I know I could
Take my heart and take my mind
and take my very soul
Mona Lisa in blue jeans
She’s the Woman Aphrodite,
She’s the Venus,
She’s the Goddess of Love

Struck by the light, always the light
This time I know that I'm right
I had a feeling,deep in my soul
Made love to an angel tonight

All my blues look good today
It's all worth the price I pay
All my fears and all my sorrows
Fade into the mist

Track Name: Call Off the Dogs
Better think fast. Better beware
Keep your eyes open. Better take care
Strong concentration. Deep meditation
True dedication. You get a bad reputation

Call off the dogs. Leave me alone
Sign it in blood and carve it in stone

Lonely and hungry. Desperate and mad
Tired and wounded. Angry and sad
Looking for beauty. Blind to what’s good
Always the guilty, misunderstood


Passive persuasion, sexual lust
Constant frustration, constant disgust
Lightness of being. Free from the stress
Sometimes you know and sometimes you guess
Track Name: Evening in the Everglades
Someone came cut down the trees
killed all the alligators,
what’re we going to do if God gets mad?
Johnny Tiger, Billy Wildcat
ran into the swamp
took with them everything they had

Someone died last February
only found the shoes
ain't no wonder, everything is hungry
oh the smell of mother nature
hanging in my nose
oh the smell of no one else has been there

What you gonna do if you don't have fire
What you gonna do if you don't have food
Evening in the Everglades
Oh how we love
Evening in the Everglades

Spanish Pirates, Spanish Moss
hope we find the treasure
found some comfort from the storm
also found some pleasure
Nights so humid winds so still,
Hurricane is coming
Cypress trees house the Spirit
Seminole are running


Someone gives some great tatoo
then she'll read your fortune
Cast your waters to the wind
Cast your eyes to Neptune
Snakes that walk and bugs that slide
outside the seminary
Dolphins talk Spirit Talk
Ain't no dictionary
Track Name: Santa Ana
I've got a fine fascination for that uptown life,
For those uptown people and those uptown nights,
But my heart was singing and my blue fade away

All the cats in the neighborhood
meet in my yard
Cry in the night time,
make my sleep come hard
But my heart was singing,
and my blues fade away

Oh, oh, oh, those Santa Ana’s
Blow my troubles away

I’ve got a sweet memory
of the place that was my home
L.A., L.A.,
I used to call you my home
My heart was singing, and those winds blowing my blues away


Cousin of thunder
Sister of God,
Blow through my body
Blow through my body

I’m in the city of sunshine,
waiting for the rain
So many people. Nothing to explain
But my heart keeps singing. And my dreams keep fading away